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The consensus was that Jared gave it to Jensen after he broke up with Sandy.

Because of their hotness, of course, but also because of how well jared and jenson interact. Indian desi lesbian videos. They hugged and then Jared was ordered back behind the curtain. That's all it took to get me talking then too plus they really are easy to talk to. Back then he was making good money being the "It" boy on a soap, thus the reason he had roommates was primarily to share the burden and also to have close friends near. Naked pictures of jared padalecki. Love Ackles chemistry with the men of SN.

Give us some credit. Isn't it neat to think about how some of the classic toys from your childhood are still being enjoyed by kids today? Oh, the fangirls won't be happy he cheated on Sandy. If there is another love scene this season, I hope it's between one of the boys and the psychic Pamela.

Here's a photo of Jared checking out Jensen's crotch - perhaps he's trying to figure out whether Jensen is uncut:. It helps that he just looks super hot when he is being "evil" and also, he's the only one who gets the good sex scenes LOL So yes, break me off a piece of that! Jensen would never bottom for Padelecki. The way Jensen smiles at Jared is so obviously different than the way he smiles at the female co-stars!

Kids just seem to have the best expressions that no adults or even animals! And these memes perfectly describe wh Jensen's brother has almost the same features, but he's not good-looking. Naked pinterest women. When will you silly fangurl redirect your misplaced homoerotic lust on, say, the stars of "Twilight"? Do you know your Sure, i wouldn't mind if they'd be a couple, but as long as they're not both saying " Yes we're in love with each other" and dunno what, then i won't pretend read things into their actions and wordsthat aren't there.

Then, in the S3 gag reel, when Bela misses her cue While most actors in Hollywood are normally shorter than you would expect Example A. I dunno, R, but we should vote for him. Because they're obviously having fun with it. They were together two months ago at Comic Con see link. Cuz seriously, Jared Padalecki is one tall, broad, big handed, smart, shaggy haired, goofy, fine looking young man.

Because of the close bond, it makes it easier to help each other improve their performances.

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He was with her until this past May or thereabouts, when they broke off their engagement I don't really know if it was May when they broke it off, but Jared announced it in early June at a con.

Not that I know anything but the cheating rumors came at the same time the break up rumor came and both were denied as crazy. Lesbian love porn videos. It's not like he's been given a shot at other things and knows he'll have a huge career if he leaves right now.

So, I look for the stories where ever I can find them, on or off screen. I think the thing is that, when you see Dean your like ohmygoshhe'ssohot! I think he and Jensen are equally handsome. Naked pictures of jared padalecki. Please know that it is extremely difficult for me to write this, and I can only imagine how hard it would be for Jared to have to talk about it in front of hundreds of fans.

They are in business that caters to straight people because that's what brings in the bucks. I've seen the rest of those pics. According to some posts from that con they had in Asylum neither boy went but the guest actors talked about themone of their biggest pranks they do on each other is finding each other's most embarrassing modeling pics and posting them up around the set.

Absolutely my favorite show. But they did at least stop to say hi to Jared which is still sweet and something they didn't have to do. It would be nice if Jensen and Jared were gay, but they are probably both straight and both probably enjoy plunging their cocks into pussy - not ass.

Somehow I doubt they are year old girls, unless they're ultra special and know all about how the man goes up inside another man, rimming, and the like. Milf hunter classic. Fanqueer, I think most of the conventions are during the season hiatus. Dallas, Texas, United States Height: Only 1 in 50 people can correctly name these fam That Titanic ad is fricking hiliarious!

If you're letting it rile you, you are smack bang in the thick of it. I agree that Jensen has the looks and talent and should end up with the big movie career over Jared.

I'd guess both have pretty big dicks but maybe it's just because he's taller and more muscular but I always imagine Jared bigger. Because he is in a successful show that the suits wouldn't want jepordized by having the stars of the show come out. And that's the best part--Jared's personality no samll compliment, given that magnificent bod!

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I have to say i think the reason certain people love Sam more then Dean is because he pulls on the heart strings on first glance. Watch the fangurls squeal now!

Because usually you see married couples spreading their hands possessively across each other's chests on or near their hearts and in many of those pics Jensen's doing that to Jared. I'm sure you noticed the similarity to Titanic?

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